A cartoon of a passanger being ejected from a commercial plane. The seat has a large spring underneath.
Image Credit: Guy Sanders

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Bad Altitude Play Party

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Saturday 13th March, 19.00 GMT

What’s a Play Party?

Like a watch party, but instead of watching together, you play together. We provide the entertainment, you bring the cheese and pineapple on sticks.


Since we released Bad Altitude we’ve had messages from various people who want to to play but don’t have anyone to play with - maybe their friends aren’t into this kind of thing or are really busy, or they just want too meet some new people.

So what are you doing?

Normally, you would buy a group ticket to play Bad Altitude and assemble your own team. For the Play Party, you just buy a ticket for yourself and we put you in a group with 2-5 other people. You show up online at the specified time, meet your team, and play Bad Altitude. You don’t need to worry about awkward conversation because we’re providing the activity - and if you end up having a good laugh, you might choose to keep in touch.

Woah, so you’re going to share all my details with strangers?

No. All team members will get a link to the game and a link to jitsi, which is a video platform a bit like Zoom but which doesn’t need you to give your email or log in. You can name yourself whatever you want, and you can choose to start with your camera off. Only people over 18 can join the Play Party and we recommend that you don’t give personal details to your team mates - if you do want to stay in touch, maybe share one of your social media handles for now.

Will Fast Familiar be moderating the groups?

No. Please play nice and if you think you won’t be able to resist the temptation to act like an asshole, maybe this one isn’t for you.

Why would I do this?

It might be fun and you might want meet some new people after a year of not doing that.

What happens if I meet the love of my life at the Play Party?

We want an invite to the wedding/ civil partnership. And for you to name your first child Rhys after the protagonist of Bad Altitude. Jokes.

Our last puzzle game, National Elf Service, was aimed at a family audience. Bad Altitude isn’t - there are no swears, violence or other adult content but the humour and storyline, and the difficultly of the puzzles aren’t designed with younger players in mind. We’re happy to have younger players board this flight accompanying their adults but please know that Bad Altitude is designed for a 13+ audience.


Cast and creative team

CREATED BY Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe, Joe McAlister & Delme Thomas | ADDITIONAL IDEA DEVELOPMENT Al Primrose | CAST Dan Barnard, Rachel Donovan, Sophie Galustian, Endy Mackay, Delme Thomas, Jamie Zubairi | IMAGE DESIGN Guy J Sanders

Bad Altitude is supported by Broadway’s Near Now, using public funding from Arts Council England.