FF Labs

Fast Familiar Labs are where we develop new technologies and new approaches.

It’s also where we use our skills and/ or the tools we’ve made to create experiences with and for organisations whose values resonate with our own. This takes a number of forms.

facilitation of ideation processes

when a group of people are trying out a new approach or project

We worked with National Trust property Sudbury Hall & the Museum of Childhood to imagine what a playful winter offer would be. The process involved facilitating sessions with the whole staff and volunteer team, developing ideas further with the team members leading the project and supporting the process of recruiting other creatives to deliver what became Game On!

Game On! at Sudbury Hall (c) Rachel Briscoe

engaging the public with information in bespoke creative ways

when a researcher is interested in reaching new audiences with what they do

We collaborated with the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL to develop a project for delivery at Green Man, a music festival in Wales. The project needed to be fun, accessible and suitable for everyone at the festival, including young children. Working with the researchers, we created Life Course Golf Course, a mini-golf course where the public could learn about cohort studies. Life Course Golf Course was played by more than 1500 people during Green Man, and invited to be part of the Science Museum’s Lates. You can see a video about the project here.

Collaborating with Fast Familiar was a genuine pleasure. As scientists who work on understanding life course health and ageing we want more opportunities to disseminate our findings with a diverse range of audiences. The Fast Familiar team seemed to easily pick out key messages from some complex scientific findings and developed and delivered ‘Life Course Golf Course’. This was an intuitively fun activity themed around our research that enabled discussions with people from all ages and backgrounds in a fun, refreshing and creative way.

Dr Sarah-Naomi Jones, research fellow - MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing, University College London

Hole 1 on Life Course Golf Course LCGC 6 (c) Clare Lewington
Hole 1 on Life Course Golf Course (c) Clare Lewington

using formats that we’ve developed to tell new stories

when someone wants to take a new approach to a complex question

We worked with the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science to develop The Evidence Chamber. We’d just made The Justice Syndicate and realised that we could use the SyndicateOS platform to make other jury shows. LRCFS do so much incredible work involving the public in all sorts of forensics research; here they were interested in combining this public engagement remit with finding out about how people regard different types of evidence. Premiered at Festival of the Future in Dundee, The Evidence Chamber stands as an artwork independent of its research function and joins our catalogue of current work.

It was truly a pleasure to work with the Fast Familiar team on The Evidence Chamber. This was a ground breaking piece of work helping us to understand how jurors view expert forensic evidence and has provided us with fantastic new insights and knowledge. We had enormous fun and would recommend them unreservedly as project partners.

Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, Director - Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, University of Dundee

The Evidence Chamber (c) Guy Sanders