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Fast Familiar are known for making artworks that grapple with big political issues - disinformation, data and surveillance, ethical conundrums. But sometimes we want to make projects which are just…. well, fun. That’s not to say the other stuff isn’t fun and/ or rewarding, but with our ‘FF for Fun’ artworks you can:

For the record, FF firmly believe that it’s totally possible to smash the patriarchy through terrible jokes and puzzle games.

The Curse of the Burial Dagger

When everyone is a suspect, and a killer is on the loose, is anybody safe?

A mansion near Dundee, 1923. Susie Sato finds herself investigating a murder when her great-uncle and host Lord Hamilton is found dead in his private museum, an ancient Egyptian burial dagger protruding from his back. Could it be the curse of the dagger, an object Lord Hamilton was warned not to remove from the tomb? Or could something else have caused his death?

Winner of 'Best Mystery Game' and semi-finalist for 'Players' Choice' at the 2021 Bullseye Awards.

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ "The Curse of the Burial Dagger is a fantastic experience. Unmissable if you’re a fan of murder mysteries, and something a little outside of the box if you’re more of a traditional escape room audience. Once again Fast Familiar have nailed it and their new game is perfect for all audiences." – The Escape Room-er

Bad Altitude

A puzzle game with a sense of humour, set aboard the world’s most underprepared airline. Help flight attendant Rhys as he wrangles over-demanding VIP passengers, escaped anxiety pets and his own luckless love life. Can you be his wingman? Work with your friends to solve puzzles, crack codes and avert death by discount airline.

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ "The perfect remedy for these troubling times... Comedy gold. It's a cut above the rest and needs to be played to be believed!" – The Escape Room-er

⭑⭑⭑⭑1/2 "The perfect blend of storytelling and puzzles for an entertaining hour of hilarity. I highly recommend you virtually gather your friends and take a flight to see where the story takes you." – Borderline Puzzler

National Elf Service

National Elf Service is an interactive audio adventure puzzle game for anyone who feels low low low on the ‘ho ho ho’. Playable online with friends/ family you can’t meet up, it’s FF’s contribution to a merry 2020 Christmas.

⭑⭑⭑⭑ "Refreshingly different (and beautifully assembled) - Review the Room

"This interactive story puzzle game is engaging, cheerful, and it's got a lot of heart - it's the very representation of Christmas spirit.." - The Escape Matt-ster"

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